A minimum deposit of 50% of the total price is required to confirm a Zen Craft LLC event, order and secure pricing. Balance must be paid SIXTY (60) days prior to the event or order date. A late payment fee of 25% will be added at 4:45 p.m. (PT) the date final balance payment is due.

Zen Craft LLC does not accept Personal, Business, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders or PayPal Payments. Corporate accounts are available with approved credit.


Clients shall specify fourteen (14) days prior to the event the final count and any revisions to the menu or timeline. This shall constitute a guaranteed minimum. To ensure our promise of service excellence, we strongly discourage any revisions after that date. We are not responsible for a greater number of people than the guaranteed minimum. If there are revisions or additions requested after (10) days prior to the event date, they will be subject to a $150.00 late processing fee, if we are able to accommodate the revision. No additions or revisions can be made (4) days prior to the event date. Zen Craft LLC event managers, employees and bartenders and security performs a triple count of every attendee at an event. If more guests attend then accounted for and Zen Craft LLC is able to accommodate and serve them client accepts that Zen Craft LC will charge the client for each additional guest. 


If your event requires vendor meals please let your event specialist know how many are needed. Vendor meals are $15.00 each and are chefs choice. Client accepts that if a vendor meal count is not provided and paid for Zen Craft LLC employees will not provide meals. Client furthermore acknowledges that if vendors go through a guestbuffet, sit at a table being served family style meal or a plated meal and eat the client will be charged the same amount as a guest. Zen Craft LLC will only serve soft beverages to any vendor and will not serve a vendor at anytime an alcoholic beverage. 


While Zen Craft LLC strives to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing or descriptions, either in print menus or online menus, and to cancel or refuse to accept any order based on an incorrect price or description. Prices are subject to change without notice due to current market conditions. Our menu prices should be used as a guideline; pricing guarantees will be honored based upon a personalized written proposal only.


Zen Craft LLC provides catering services to many unique venues which offers and provides different accommodations. Therefore Zen Craft LLC reserves the right to propose and charge pricing based on the Venue reserved and the accommodations including but not limited to, additional rentals (i.e. ovens, bars,) and additional staffing fees. Client also acknowledges that if a venue requires Zen Craft LLC to be outdoors for any reason client must provide tenting for Zen Craft LLC employees to work under and to guaranteed food, beverage and product quality.  


Zen Craft LLC must reserve the right to make substitutions when market conditions dictate or for any reason beyond our control. All substitutions will be of comparable or greater value and if possible, you will be notified in advance.


Zen Craft LLC is not responsible for any allergic reaction (or the subsequent treatment resulting from said reaction) that a guest may experience from consumption of our food. We do not guarantee any food item to be free from particular ingredients or seasonings, including but not limited to lactose, soy, wheat, gluten, fish, shellfish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, spices, synthetic and natural colors, and chemical additives to which certain guests may be allergic.


Client shall agree to pay a non-refundable charge to secure the date of the event. The Date Charge is a non-refundable charge to Zen Craft LLC for removing the date from availability from other potential clients. The date booking fee is calculated as: 50% (fifty) percent of the contracted invoice charge. The minimum Date Charge is $500.00 The Date Charge is due upon contract signing. The date will only be taken off the market once both requirements have been met. 

Remaining Balance - If cancellation is given 120 days or more prior to the event, ZEN CRAFT LLC will collect 25% of the remaining balance. No refund will be given for cancellations made at 60 days or less prior to the event.


Clients will be charged replacement cost of all damaged linens, this includes holes, burns, wax, stains, snags, tears or any permanent marks.


Zen Craft LLC charges a $125.00 delivery fee and a $125.00 pick up return fee for all rentals. Rentals are delivered the day before the event if applicable and picked up the day after the event. If rentals are required to be delivered and returned the same day of the event the delivery and return rate changes to $225.00 for delivery and $225.00 for return. This fee includes dropping off rentals to a designated area that the client ensures is safe and will remain dry (please turn off sprinklers) and picking up the rentals in the same area stacked, covered and with dishes, flatware and glassware scraped emptied and placed in the black return bins and glass racks (dishes and glassware not scraped and emptied will incur a $150.00 fee.) If set up and or teardown is required by Zen Crafts LLC’s delivery team a rate of $35.00 per hour per staff member will be charged. Drop off & return fees do not include set up or tear down. In the event that Zen Craft LLC’s delivery and return staff returns to pick up items after an event that are not placed back in the starting and agreed upon areas the Client agrees and will incur a $35.00 per hour per staff member charge. The only exception to this return policy is if the clients event was torn down by Zen Craft LLC service staff in which case the event manager will notify our dispatch center to make them aware of the change. Client acknowledges and accepts that if Zen Craft LLC’s delivery staff is to set up for the event that every measure will be provided to ensure a safe working environment, that the staff will not set up anything in an unsafe manner and will not use ladders or lifts in or on areas not deemed safe. Clients will be charged replacement cost of all damaged, lost or stolen rentals.


Zen Craft LLC will not hold items or accept responsibility for client's and guests properties such as cake tops, vases, gifts, clothing, accessories, baggage, personal articles, service ware, etc.


Zen Craft LLC reserves the right to remove all leftover food and products not consumed by the end of the event. If customer does take any leftover food, it then becomes the customer's responsibility for proper refrigeration and handling.


Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to items provided by caterer for their event. Zen Craft LLC is not responsible for damage or replacement of client's or venue’s items or property, used during or for their event at client's request. Customer waives any claims for damages based upon embarrassment, humiliation or other damage to sensitivities.


This 18% fee covers the production cost of every event and order and is not a fee for labor or gratuity which is separate.


Gratuities are optional, however considered proper, and appreciated by our serving staff and culinary staff. Please ask your event specialist to add gratuity to your order total as our employees are not permitted to accept cash gratuity at the event for safety and proper taxation purposes.


Client agrees and accepts that he or she will provide reasonable and safe parking for Zen Craft LLC vehicles and that any parking costs will be the responsibility of the client.


If your event goes beyond your booked service time, you will be billed accordingly for overtime. Your signature below will authorize Zen Craft LLC to charge your credit card for the overtime amount at the rate listed in your order for the respective staff members.

Bar Packages$4.00 per guest for each additional 1/4 hour increment (subject to sales tax and service charge). 


Zen Craft LLC requires that there is at least one security staff member present at every bar located at your event that Zen Craft LLC provides.This security team member will be at the bar during set up, event time, and teardown and is not permitted to leave the bar at any time unless an event manager has stepped into his or her place. This ensures the safety of your guests and our staff. Client agrees and accepts responsibility for all guests actions and behaviors. Client acknowledges that any bottle or property on the bar is the property of Zen Craft LLC and that anyone that removes anything from the bar and its surrounding area is considered theft and will be treated as such by and not limited to ejecting said person from the event, arrest and prosecution.

Additional Services

Client agrees to pay for any and all additional services requested by the client, e.g. decorations, rental of facility, rental of equipment, and all supplies; set up of rental equipment, refuge removal, etc. Additional services requested shall be included, and added to the proposal where time permits. Verbal modifications by the client or authorized representative of the client the day of the event will be included on the settlement bill. 

a. Client agrees to provide suitable contracted facility for Zen Craft LLC to perform duties required for the number of guest expected. Client agrees to arrange for, or personally provide access to said facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up and preparation prior to the event. Client acknowledges responsibility for any and all liability arising from rental and use of said facility.

b. Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the rental equipment used during the course of the event.

c. Client agrees to full responsibility of all financial arrangements provided for above.

d. Client agrees that a reversal on a credit card charge will not be allowed, and that if reversal does occur the Client is liable for 3 times the originally charged amount, as well as any chargeback fees and all other costs incurred by the caterer, including but not limited to, collection of the debt, bank charges, check charges, etc.

e. Client agrees to submit to Zen Craft LLC the venue space contract and or list of venue requirements and restrictions no later then 30 day prior to event. This ensures that your event will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


 Any remaining Balances due to Zen Craft LLC for and not limited to day of event guest count increases, event day requests damages to property etc shall be due before Zen Craft LLC representatives leave the premises. Client accepts that Zen Craft LLC does not issue refunds, especially for event cancelation on the clients behalf. Client accepts that Zen Craft LLC has a maximum refund policy on services rendered of 10% with a $500.00 maximum. Client accepts that Zen Craft charges a 4% Credit Card Processing Fee on every payment made with a credit or debit card. Client accepts that there is a $50.00 wire transfer fee for all payments made as such.


Client accepts and understands that Zen Craft LLC counts and delivers quantities that are ordered by the client only. The Client accepts that they have been advised to not assume or expect that Zen Craft LLC carries extra, food, beverages, rentals, décor, floral, lighting, etc. Client accepts responsibility for themselves, their guests and families actions, behaviors & words. Client further understands that any form of harassment, violence, combative, threatening, embarrassing, prejudice, uncooperative behavior can and will lead to event termination with no refund and possible legal recourse. 


Failure of either the Client or Zen Craft LLC to comply with the agreements set forth in this Agreement shall make the party liable for damages to the affected party. Any claim by either party for such damages shall be presented in writing to the other party within 5 days past the event date. Both parties agree to obtain an arbitrator or mediator should a dispute arise.